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4 years ago3 min

The Seattle Times reports that the State Liquor and Cannabis board will reevaluate rules on edibles, banning specific edible products that could attract children.

Referencing a presentation posted online, it isn’t hard to see how these rules would affect sales of extremely popular edibles. Citing safety as the number one concern, the board took looked to be taking a hard line. However, today they committed to taking another look, possibly rewriting rules on products they already said could be sold. While there would surely be damages from this regulatory rug-pulling, the more important aspect of this is a change in perception for cannabis related issues.

All of this on the heels of a report that cannabis edibles could become a $4 Billion Dollar industry with the Canada about to pull the curtain on legalization. This only highlights how badly we need open and honest discussions about cannabis legalization in the States to avoid hurting Business owners and Consumers alike. In one case, products that were to be banned by this regulation account for up to 60% of the edibles volume.

In other changes around the country, Ohio seems to have taken a hard line against CBD as a part of their medical marijuana laws that just went into effect. This would affect already standing CBD business, putting the cart before the horse and stifling growth.

All eyes are on Canada now as legalization marches forward. How will this effect regulation and legislation in the United States? Will there be consequences for falling behind? We will be watching closely, stay tuned.



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