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Legalization has opened the door for Boston Massachusetts to become a major player in the cannabis game. With shops applying for licenses already, it is poised to become a leader in the  legal marijuana industry.  The infrastructure the city has built joining six New England cities will put Boston in a great position, literally. It boasts a booming local economy with $21.8 billion in exports alone. Boston also has intellectual clout with M.I.T. and Harvard  universities in the area,  making it appealing to the intellectual and to the business oriented. Boston has a large electronics and technology community that could lend to cannabis’ future as well.  A deep water port, interstate system, and railroad system make the port city ideal for large scale transit. Boston is also geographically ideal for avoiding major New York shipping traffic, the busiest port on the east coast.

Applications for dispensaries and cultivation are currently being approved and the city continues to advance it’s legal marijuana business. Sira Naturals is a cultivation company that has been operating in Milford growing medical marijuana. Although things are moving a little slowly, it is important to follow all regulations that are in place. If the state embraces it’s legal status, the amount of revenue from cannabis would be an economic boost. The marriage of these factors are all that Boston needs to become a leader in cultivation and sales.  The city already has a large research community at its disposal and should start making use of those facilities to further research. Government backing from lawmakers like Senator Elizabeth Warren, shows Massachusetts also has open minded people to help progress continue. It could be just the beginning of a very lucrative and progressive partnership.



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