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Natural skincare is making a comeback in recent years because of unwanted ingredients in mass produced products.

Many people just want a lotion that is not packed with parabens and preservatives like BHA. When you read the back of the bottle you can be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of unneeded additives. Now, we have the luxury of finding alternatives for making our skin vibrant and healthy.

Our skin is our biggest organ and should be cared for in the most wholesome and toxin free way.

CBD infused lotion

CBD infused lotion or salve is a great way to cultivate the young and healthy skin you desire and you can do it yourself! Cannabidiol can be infused easily by you at home and makes using this compound as simple as rubbing it onto the areas that need moisturization. 

As we find out more about CBD and its benefits, we can forego the store bought skincare products and make a better one for ourselves. Emerald Dragon CBD is here to give you more options and bring you the tools you need to begin a healthier and greener alternative. Let’s look at what you will need to successfully bring nutrition to your beautiful skin. 


  1. ½ cup coconut oil
  2. ½ cup shea butter or cocoa butter
  3. CBD oil (750mg, 1500mg, or 3000mg)
  4. Essential oil like lavender or rose
  5. Hand mixer
  6. Spatula
  7. Measuring spoons
  8. Double boiler
  9. Container for your finished product. Glass is perfect


  1.  Take your ingredients and have them pre-measured to make the process as smooth as possible.
  2. Fill the boiler with and inch or two of water 
  3. Warm the water on low to medium heat and add your fats such as shea or cocoa butter to the top of your double boiler.
  4. Heat the fats until they are free of solids or lumps
  5. Once the shea and cocoa butter are melted remove from the heat
  6. Allow the fats to cool down keeping the sides of the pot scraped into the mixture
  7. Now add your Emerald Dragon CBD oil in the desired amount in milligrams
  8. Next you will whip the mixture until it is emulsified
  9. Store the finished product in a glass jar or other container


It’s as easy as that! Now you have a natural and healthy alternative that is infused with CBD. Make sure to follow the directions on your Emerald Dragon hemp oil for best results.


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