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Sleep is one the most important aspects of our lives and our health. When we aren’t getting what we need from our sleep, we feel it in other areas of our lives.

One way we can help get the rest we need is incorporating CBD into our nightly routine. Emerald Dragon can help you achieve that precious sleep that we all need. Studies are showing that not only can cannabidiol aid us in better sleep without the side effects of traditional methods. We all could use a better nights’ rest and you can trust us to get you to that place of restfulness. 

Many things can adversely impact our sleep like PTSD and other medications that you may have to take.

Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant. In fact it is the antagonist to the other popular cannabinoid found in cannabis, THC. Although we may not know much about this invaluable compound, education is key.

We are learning more and more about our endocannabinoid system. This system is dedicated to cannabinoids and has been scientifically neglected because of unfounded stigma. Research shows that this system is extremely important to the balance we must find for a healthy life.

How can CBD help me sleep?

One study showed that 79.2 percent of the patients that were treated had lower anxiety. It also showed a decrease in the effects of insomnia. Another huge factor in losing sleep is pain. Pain can negatively impact our lives in so many ways. By stopping chronic pain, we can be on the road to a better nights’ sleep.

Not only can CBD help with pain it also helps with our sleep cycle itself. Research showed in one study that cannabidiol can help alleviate REM sleep disorder side effects and promote a wakeful state after getting good sleep. Emerald Dragon is your best asset when thinking about how to treat your sleep disorder.


All Emerald Dragon CBD products are organic and lab tested. Find your best sleep with Emerald Dragon and be on the road to insomnia recovery.


Always follow instructions on the label for best results. Ready for better sleep? Emerald Dragon is here for you.


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