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Sex is one of the most enjoyable activities in life and we are always trying to improve upon our experience.

There are many ways to take your sex to the next level and CBD is a great way to heighten your senses. How can CBD help you go from an average encounter to out of this world? Emerald Dragon is here to provide you with the knowledge and know how to bring CBD into the bedroom. Let’s look at how CBD interacts with the brain and what it can do for you.

What does CBD do to the brain?

First of all, CBD is proven to lower anxiety and stress. If your having issues with performance anxiety or stressed about everyday life, CBD will help you move into a calmer head space. Easing worries that can come with intercourse will improve your ability in many other aspects of sex. One way that easing fears or stress will help is getting turned on in the first place. Hectic lives can hinder our ability to prioritize intimacy and this can lead to other issues. Body image can be greatly altered by stress and anxiety. This could actually stop you from pursuing sex at all when you could be living a sexually healthy life.

Emerald Dragon CBD will assist you with letting go of your worries and focusing on what matters, your sex life!

All of us have issues at times with pain and it can have a massive impact on our ability to perform the way that we want.

CBD for pain

Cannabidiol is a great aid for lowering pain levels making your ability to have a normal sex life possible. The fact that CBD lowers your pain on the pain scale in turn boosts your activity level. Whether it’s joint pain, muscle pain, or generalized pain incorporating cannabis into your routine will help you achieve your goal.

Another culprit in one’s ability to engage sexually is inflammation. Swollen joints can severely impact how you think about going about the act of sex. For instance, when you have inflammation, many positions could be difficult to get into and perform. CBD reduces the inflammation that is stopping you from doing what you want to do.

Emerald Dragon is here to help you get back to a normal sexual routine with tinctures, topicals. Isolates, and cartridges. Always follow the instructions on the label of your product for the best results. You and your partner will find renewed passion and performance with Emerald Dragon.


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