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A recent research study that was conducted by the Queen Mary University in London has shown a major benefit of cannabidiol in mice with cancer. The results of the study are proving positive for CBD when used in conjunction with chemotherapy. CBD, a derivative of cannabis that is not psychoactive, is currently being used to treat multiple illnesses such as epilepsy.

Mice with pancreatic cancer who were receiving chemotherapy were given cannabidiol and those that were given CBD lived 3.5 times longer than the mice that were not given cannabidiol. The average lifespan of mice not being treated with either lived an average of 20 days. Those being treated only with chemotherapy lived an average of 23.5 days. The subjects that were being treated with CBD and chemotherapy lived, on average, for 56 days.  Researchers were stunned by the marked extension in lifespan for those being treated with both therapies. Isolating a specific cause of a patient’s pancreatic cancer diagnosis would make treatment easier for the patient and the oncologist. Researchers have been gearing up for the next step in testing, human trials.

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most deadly and difficult cancers to treat, maybe cannabidiol could extend life expectancy in humans? The study shows that it seems to target a protein called GPR55, slowing the growth of cancer cells. Although the protein is a major factor in a third of pancreatic cancer patients, it is a remarkable improvement. The survival rate of pancreatic cancer patients is only around 5-7%. Increasing the amount of time a person has to live is an amazing improvement. Past studies have already proven CBD’s ability to alleviate nausea and vomiting during chemotherapy, so this is a wonderful progression.

Just by improving the ability of a patient to keep nutrients in their bodies would help in the process. CBD is showing to be beneficial in more than one facet of treatment. The more science is proving, the more attractive it is becoming to researchers and the medical community. With stigmas fading away and the support of results, we have helped the quality of life for many survivors.

CBD is approved for clinical use in the UK, so the natural next step is already in the works. Finding out how cannabidiol interacts with other cancer treatment medications will be the focus in the future. Cancer treatment is a hard process, CBD could help ease the difficulty for many struggling with multiple side effects. It could also be the reason for remission. Improving the quality and length of life is an amazing feat, could it save one?


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