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Cancer Vs Cannabis Oil

This is Cancer. This is Cannabis Oil. This is Cancer on Cannabis Oil.

David Triplett tells his story. This is how he cured his cancer with Cannabis Oil.

Several years ago I had two lesions removed from the tip of my nose. In 2009, the lesions began to return in several places. I went to the doctor and was prescribed a cream. He told me to put the cream on my entire face and neck. He also warned me it may cause redness. I did a google search on the cream and realized it was a form of chemotherapy.

Fluorouracil Cream is Chemotherapy

Next I found some photo journals of people who had used the cream. The photos are alarming. After seeing the results of what the chemotherapy did I decided to look into alternatives. Recently my fried Jennifer sent me a video about Rick Simpson curing cancer with Hemp Oil. It was called “Run from The Cure”, so I decided to start there.

After watching “Run from The Cure” I did some online searching and was very surprised how much information was available. I found several videos from science and news sources. Lester Grinspoon MD states his findings: “this substance, marijuana.. it’s remarkably non-toxic. There has never been a death from it”. Another news outlet reports “A new study found that long term pot users are 62% less likely to develop head and neck cancers”.

After a few more searches and watching a few more videos, I decided it was time to get myself some cannabis oil. I live in California so I was able to go to a dispensary. At Dispensaries they may refer to it as Hash Oil. It’s also sometimes referred to as Honey oil or Cannabis Extract.

I used the oil for 3-4 weeks before I saw any results. Then the results were dramatic. Not only was the oil healing my nose but it was bringing cancer to the surface that I didn’t even know was there. The pictures provided depict several layers of cancer being pulled to the surface and healed.

Once I realized that Cannabis Oil had cured my cancer, I began to ask myself questions.

  • Why hadn’t my doctor heard about this?
  • Why hadn’t I heard about this before?
  • If Cannabis cures Cancer, why would it be illegal?

As I did more research I began to realize it’s about profit and politics. The difficulty for drug companies is they are unable to patent cannabis so they are unable to profit from it. Encouraging things like Cannabis Oil to be used in place of medications that are patented and profitable to the drug companies would severely hurt their industry.

Cannabis used to be a very common medication.

It was available in many forms such as:

  • Cannabis Sativa
  • Cannabis Indica Tablets
  • Cannabis Indica cough syrup
  • Cannabis Pills
  • Cannabis Extract
  • Omega Corn Cure (Cannabis as a main ingredient)

This medicine was taken away from us and now people are needlessly dying. It is absolutely ridiculous that this medication isn’t readily available to cancer patients. I ask you to please to everything within your power to get the word out that Cannabis, without a doubt, cures Cancer. The National Cancer Institute, The American Cancer Society and members of our government have known since 1975 that Cannabis cures Cancer. The 1975 research has resurfaces and is now available online.

It has become clear to me that politics and money have kept this cancer cure from us and people are needlessly dying. If you’ve lost someone to Cancer, there is a possibility that their life could have been saved if the Cannabis Oil was made available to them.

Please spread this information.

All we want to do is heal ourselves and there shouldn’t be a law against that.


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